Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Might Be An MK If. . .

I thought we could take a little time and share some funny perspectives of missionary kids by starting our own, "You Might Be An MK If. . ."!  From one MK to another, I know you will enjoy these!  These first few were submitted by Paula Dennis Townsley, former MK to Japan!  Of course, I know there will be many more added - so I look forward to many more posts just like this one!!  Enjoy. . .

You Might Be An MK If. . .

. . .eating spaghetti with chopsticks is easier than using a fork and spoon.

. . .you won't eat Uncle Ben's rice, because it doesn't stick together.

. . .you have to explain the difference between, "The cow is ON the field" versus "The cow is IN the field".

. . .you take a shower before taking a bath

. . .you call senior missionaries grandma and grandpa.

. . .the message on your answering machine is in two languages.

. . .you move into a new neighborhood and you take a gift to all your neighbors houses.

. . .earthquakes seem normal.

. . .your Mom sends you out to sweep the street in front of your house.

. . .you pull into a gas station and expect people to run out screaming, "Welcome"!

. . .you consider parasites, dysentery and tropical diseases to be appropriate dinner conversation.

. . .you tell people what certain gestures mean in different parts of the world. 

. . .you have to stop in the middle of an argument to find the translation of the word you just used.

. . .you calculate exchange rates by the price of Coke.  


  1. refer to peanut butter as 'monkey nut buter'. think a napkin is a baby diaper. think a 'bonnet' refers to the hood of a car and the trunk is the 'boot' and the glove compartment is a 'cubby hole'. call anyone 10 or more years older than you 'Aunt' or 'Uncle' whether you know them or are related to them or not. call waking someone up 'knocking them up'. are willing to be woken up in the middle of the night to make a bed on the couch for any weary traveler needing a place to sleep. spend Saturdays cooking for the all the visitors coming on Sunday for the services at 8:00 AM, 10 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM, all within a 25 mile radius.( or and you conduct some of those Sunday Schools yourself).

  2. You might be an MK when:
    ... flying in the air you feel more at home then having both feet planted on the ground.
    ... walking through a bazaar you find your pants are slit on the other side and you had placed gospel tracks there to share the gospel with the thieves in case they slit your pockets again.
    ... listening to 3 different conversations in different languages in your house all at the same time seems normal.
    ... you get groceries at the local store because your parents want to get food at the local price not the price for foreigners, and you r the one without an accent in Russian.
    ... you get home to find 5 homeless kids sprawled out on your bed and your parents inform you that you will be spending that week sharing a bed with your brother.
    ... When you catch yourself dreaming and thinking in the local language every now and then.