Monday, February 6, 2012

Culture Shock Blog

Welcome to my world!  In my life, I have many labels - mother, pastor's wife, former MK, secretary of MK Ministries, music director, writer, speaker, singer - but obviously I didn't feel that I had enough to do and would add one more to my list - BLOGGER!  Actually, MK Ministries is working to best reach our MKs around the world and from your input you said a blog is the best way!  I am excited to be able to do this new endeavor, so you bear with me while I learn this process!

In the past we have always published an e-magazine online at our MK Website called Culture Shock.  This magazine was intended to reach 18 and older MKs around the world by allowing them to write articles and thoughts and share with one another.  We have worked hard on this endeavor and published some great magazines, but trying to reach around the world is hard with spotty internet download speeds and other tech issues.  So we have decided instead of publishing an e-magazine, we would take that information and create a blog.  This way you can log on and not have to download to be able to read shared information from others just like you.

With that said, welcome to "Culture Shock" blog for missionary kids 18 years and older.  I encourage you to send me - Carla Burton - your thoughts, articles and other information you would like to share.  I look forward to publishing my own thoughts but yours as well for other MKs around the world to read and enjoy!

So are you ready to take this journey with me??!!  I am excited to start spending time together and I look forward to hanging with you guys through this blog!


  1. Thank you for this! This will be easy for me to follow, looking forward to it!

    Tanya Hajduk, Croatia

    1. Thanks, Tanya! Just spread the word to all MKs! The feedback was this was easier to read and download rather than an e-magazine so we are excited about it!

  2. Hey I am an MK in Bible College and I also have a blog and I wanted to get in touch and possibly share with y'all some thought and have you share with us some thoughts. Can I email you with more info and for more info? How many people read and participate in this blog?