Monday, February 6, 2012

A Life Well Lived - Chase Evan Marshall

Chase Evan Marshall
Recently, the MK community was touched by a great tragedy.  Chase Marshall, the grandson of missionaries and the son of a missionary kid, was killed in a car accident.  Chase was only 18-years-old, but already had a testimony of a life well lived.  I had the privilege of attending Chase' funeral services.  It was awesome to see how amazing this young man's life was lived.  In each picture, his face was wreathed with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.  The testimony of friends and family was how caring, loving, and full of life he was.  His love for family, God and others was truly represented in his life.  We mourn with our fellow MKs during this time of loss, but more importantly we celebrate the life of Chase Marshall.  If you would like to let their family know you are thinking and praying for them contact them - Chase Marshall Family. Please take a moment and read the article written by Chase' aunt, Stephanie Gallion, regarding his amazing life.   

Chase Evan Marshall entered this world in San Diego, CA on November 25, 1992. From that day on he became a constant source of joy for his family, filling their  lives with laughter and silliness. Always in the shadow of his older brother and sister, he quickly learned that with his sparkling eyes and a goofy grin he could get a smile out of anyone. In typical baby of the family form, he turned that gift into endless family entertainment.

Chase, Chad, Terry, Terri & Charity Marshall
     At age 7, Chase begin to Bible quiz, receiving numerous Quizzer of the Year awards in the state of Indiana. In 2006, he and his sister Charity, took 4th in the nation and at Nationals that same year, he was 5th runner up Quizzer of the Year. In December of 2010, he was inducted into the Indiana Quizzing Hall of Fame.

     At 8 years of age, Chase received the Holy Ghost and purposed in his heart to pursue the call of God on his life. He would talk about wanting to be a preacher and go to Bible school when he grew up. He carried musical CDs around and would dream of the day he was old enough to go off to Bible College.

     By the time he was 12, Chase had already showed how exceptionally talented he was, both vocally and instrumentally. Singing and playing the piano in youth services, participating in his local worship team and devoting every free moment to his music.  Chase proved himself as a gifted musician, playing various instruments and could be found downloading ITunes, working on drum loops, learning how to transcribe music, or simply sitting at a piano playing his newest favorite song.

      In the summer of 2010, at 17, he spent three months interning in the state of Alaska. A hard worker by nature, Chase jumped in wholeheartedly and carried out every task that was asked of him. With competency and without complaint. No job was too big or too small, no task was too difficult. If he wasn't sure how to accomplish his assignment he would work till he figured it out. Traveling with the Alaska All State Youth Chorale, he invested of himself, showing young musicians a new chord to play or a new song to sing. He passed out tracks, prayed with people in the altar and even organized and lead the music for a missions trip into the village of Bethel.
        However, the greatest impact Chase left on the lives of those who knew him was his love for people. With his easy smile and infectious laugh, Chase opened himself to everyone he met. Always loyal, ever willing to forgive, hesitant to be critical of those close to him, he held friendships dear and everyone who knew him felt like they were his best friend. Chase's magnetic personality drew people to him but his gentle nature caused people to love him.  

        On May 11, 2011,  at 18 years of age, the Lord called Chase home. While we grieve for the loss of one so young and gifted, his life and legacy has touched countless of lives even in death  and already there are testimony of dozens of young people who have turned their lives around.  This is the fulfillment of Chase's greatest desire, to impact his generation.

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  1. In loving memory of Chase our hearts are longing for the day when we can see him again. The family is in our prayers. We will continue to pray for the family and friends of Chase! Mark Miller Music4HimNow Ministry.