Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awesome MK Update

Just had to share with you all the amazing report from Patrick Warren Groves, MK to Narobi, Kenya!  He has started a youth group and has some great testimonies of exciting things happening!  You can follow him on twitter @warrengroves and continue to stay updated on this great report!  We first received this note from Warren last month. . .

 Just feeling so good after having an amazing youth service this afternoon!!! I know your prayers are with me as mine are with all of you, and I just want to show my appreciation. MK ministries has inspired me to be more than a "sit back and relax" Christian, and my siblings and I have started a youth group since september of last year, with a young Kenyan couple(who are actually expecting their first child). God bless MK ministries and all my fellow MKs!

Check out his testimony sent to MK Ministries just a few days ago. . .

Our FNL group will be, starting this month, going out onto the streets to witness. In May we'll be going to a park that is near downtown Nairobi, and we are inviting all the churches of Nairobi to come for what we are calling "outreach in the park". In this park we will be having music and drama ministry as well as, of course, witnessing.

We had a meeting yesterday(which would be Sunday) with some of the leaders in the Nairobi area, and laid out all the plans for this year. So there is much more that I believe God has in store for us. However, please pray for us. We may need permits to be able to go forth with some of our plans, and we are praying that God would keep us away from those who may be looking for a bribe.

Thank you and the MK team. Honestly without the encouragement and support of you and our MK family I don't think we would have been able to do anything like this. Thank you again and God bless!


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