Friday, March 23, 2012

Another MK Retreat Testimony by Warren Groves

As I continue to think about MK Retreat coming July 26-31 in Orlando, Florida, I get so excited.  Especially as many of you share your testimonies with me of how this event was the one challenging, life-changing event!  I wanted to share another testimony from Patrick Warren Groves, MK to Kenya about how it MK Retreat revolutionized his life!  We would love to hear yours!  For more information about MK Retreat click on the link below!!


My MK Retreat Experience
Warren Groves

While at MK Retreat I overheard two MKs talking about their plans to start some kind of youth program in the country of their calling. My siblings and I had been talking about the lack of youth ministry in Kenya for a long time. However we never really did anything about it. If it were not for this moment, and many others, I doubt there would be Faith 'N' Love Youth Outreach Ministry today, or that I would've been a part of its birth.
There was a lot that MK Retreat helped me get over. That moment helped me get over the question, "can I start a youth ministry at the age of eighteen?" I don't have to tell you that at this age, we youths face a lot. Temptation is all around us, and sometimes we make mistakes. So how could I possibly be one of the leaders in a youth group! God is a merciful God. MK Retreat helped me remember that.
I believe God used MK Retreat to empower and uplift me. Usually as a young person, or perhaps even as just a person, you feel so much pressure around you to conform to this world. You feel if you're not listening or watching that, or you're not wearing that you're not normal. At MK Retreat if you're not crying at the altar or speaking in some strange language or trying to live for God, you're not normal. It counteracts the pressures of this world, and makes you feel freedom as a Christian. And, when you leave, you remember all those young people who you've spent that amazing weekend with, and think to yourself, I'm not alone, and that freedom you felt at MK Retreat goes with you wherever you go.

I don't know what else to say, but thank you God for giving me MK Retreat and my MK family! I can look back to that weekend and be reminded of the love and support that is with me. I will cherish until the day I leave this earth. I love you guys!!!

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